Western Berks Water operates a surface water treatment plant in Berks County, where water is taken from the Tulpehocken Creek, ½ mile downstream of Blue Marsh Dam. The treatment plant’s capacity is 16 MGD, permitted flow is 7.5 MGD. The plant is currently producing between 3.5 to 4.5 MGD.

The treatment plant was designed with up-flow clarification, but in 2001 was retro-fitted with dissolved air flotation (DAF) units. The plant has 8 multi-media filters, each rated for 2 MGD, and treats the source water with potassium permanganate, powdered activated carbon, sulfuric acid, coagulant DF-801, fluoride, gas chlorine, potassium hydroxide, phosphate, and ammonium sulfate.


Technical Assistance

Western Berks provides the following technical and operational assistance to its municipalities:

  • Combined sampling plan
  • Information gathering and sharing
  • Training
  • Leak detection
  • Emergency water supply
  • Members of the PA WARN organization



Because Western Berks deals exclusively with the distribution of wholesale bulk water, we can give our full attention to producing the highest quality water. And since our mission is to make the highest quality water at the lowest possible price, we are now focusing on targeted optimizing. While the old understanding was that a plant was “optimized” if it consistently produced a high quality finished product, we know now that having a good product doesn’t mean that we have an optimized process. We are finding that the best way to optimize the process is to understand our raw water quality and how it interacts with our processes. Western Berks Water is committed to fully optimizing our treatment operations to deliver the very best quality water to our customers.